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Sculpture Restoration

Sculptures and Conservation is one of the most important skills in all of art restoration. In most cases the sculpture can be made perfect again.

At Restoration By Heart we have restored many pieces by Winchester, Graham, and Degas, among others.

The extensive mediums of sculpture-- bronze, marble, plaster, chrome, porcelain, zinc, automidine-- make the commitment to Sculptures most rigorous.

Ceramic and oil painting restoration are disciplines that contribute techniques for the reconstruction of a sculpture.

In many cases matching color perfectly is a difficult and complex practice, but the Master Restorer's attainments in other mediums contribute to perfecting his matching of colors and tones on sculptures.

Most important of all, in restoring limbs and other extensions on works of sculpture, the Restorer must be able to reinforce the broken work in such a way that the piece is now stronger where the restoration has been performed.