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Giclee Restorations

Art Restoration is an art form that even the originating artists can rarely perform.

The art restorer follows criteria that will allow him to return the artwork or artifact to its original state.

A unique mixture of craft, science and aesthetics empowers the restorer to reverse the damages of time and the environment.

At the same time, in performing the work properly, the restorer remains invisible in the creation of the final result. If the restoration has succeeded, not even trained professionals will be able to find evidence of the painstaking work. And while it is the restorer's duty to preserve as much of the original as possible, yet at times he may have to recreate entire parts of the artwork that have been lost.

Whether in restoring sculptures, watercolors, oil paintings, photos, antiques or historic artifacts, it is the duty of the restorer to recreate and restore each work in such a way that it will need no enhancements for at least a lifetime.