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Photo Restoration services

The restoration of photos and original photographs has become a dying art.

There are few restorers with the skill or patience to return original photographs to perfect condition.

Photoshop and other digital technologies have developed far enough that many people choose to recreate their works utilizing these new technologies. But for the client who chooses to conserve an original artifact, there are few alternatives left.

At Restoration By Heart we continue to restore antique and original photographs.

We perform this specialty because it is part of the mastery of great restorers; and since it shares many of the same techniques used in Lithographs, our work remains current and strong.

We have restored very large aerial photographs for the Coca Cola Company as well as photo-booth photographs the size of matchbooks from the Second World War.

These treasured mementos receive loving care and are returned to their original perfection. In every case the photographic restoration is performed solely by our head restorer Gustavo Perez.