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Ceramic Restoration Services

Ceramic repair and restoration is a specialty of Restoration By Heart.

We have restored ceramic works from which over half of the original piece was missing. By using pictures of the originals, we are capable of restoring the most depleted works to good-as-new condition.

The repair of ceramics uses many of the techniques of other restoration processes, such as oil painting restoration, Frames and even Sculptures.

Repainting the original work after it has been restored recalls many of the techniques used in restoring an oil painting. As well, recreating large missing areas of the ceramic may be accomplished by using a technique from Frames, that of creating a reverse mold from one side that is intact to recreate the missing side.

Restoration By Heart is the preferred restorer for the Ardmore Studios of South Africa. Ardmore is a collective of native African potters whose pieces are world-renowned, and many of their more elaborate works sell for five fifteen thousand dollars or more.

In restoring Ardmore's remarkable works, we have gained the reputation for performing restorations that are often invisible to trained appraisers.

There are two criteria we seek to accomplish on every Ceramics: The first one is to make the restored area stronger than the original so that the piece never breaks again. The second one is that our work should be invisible so that no one in the future is able to detect that the piece was ever restored.