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Paper Conservation Services

The conservation and restoration of paper is considered the most difficult regimen in art restoration.

Rebuilding paper is a delicate art which requires patience and great acumen. We are experts not only at preserving the original paper, but also at recreating missing areas of paper to restore the document to its original integrity.

Paper Conservation has become a growing art as restorers have learned in the past sixty years how to integrate archival methods into the conservation of paper documents. Discoloration, fading, foxing, mold, and acid are all inhibitors of paper. In an environment of smoke damage, pollution damage, sunlight, humidity, water damage, rust chemicals, paper is prey to many factors that can compromise its integrity.

Paper restoration and conservation is an area of expertise at Restoration By Heart. Although other restorers often immerse paper in chemicals and then place the paper under heavy weight, we take a much more gentle approach. No paper is ever immersed in chemicals or put under heavy weight.

We block out unaffected areas and protect the images carefully, and then we brush the treatment chemicals on with artist brushes and airbrushes.

The organic nature of all paper is respected, and our purpose is not only to restore the work to its original appearance but also to insure the integrity of the document for the future.

We guarantee all our work on paper.