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Art Conservation Services

Works of art are subject to many dangers. In addition to accidents and abuse, temperature and humidity make the environment a major factor in the survival of art. Around us, there are many causes of both simple and severe damage. As a line of defense, art conservation is designed to bring stability to an artwork or artifact.

These days, art and science have intertwined and informed art conservation with materials and techniques that make it possible to preserve art and treasured objects virtually forever.

With this great ability comes a responsibility as well, to preserve as much of the original work as possible and never to transgress against the original artist's work. The main goal of conservation is to stop or drastically reduce the deterioration of a work of art or a treasured object.

All art conservation and restoration depend upon the ethics, the ideals, and the knowledge of the great restorer who will balance technical craftsmanship with an awareness informed by both history and aesthetics. Devotion to the original vision and aesthetic of the artist is the restorer's true guide. At the highest level of the craft, the restorer seeks to make his work invisible while stabilizing the artwork for lifetimes to come.