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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will my artwork lose value as a result of a restoration?

A: No. Virtually all artworks will need restoration at some point in their lives. Most major museums and private collections contain artworks with many restorations. Conservator services are part of maintaining an art collection. It is impossible for any artwork that has been exposed to variable environments, or been shipped, moved, come in contact with non-archival materials, to not experience some form of damage. Artworks that are not restored can be greatly devalued.

Q: Is my art insured during the restoration?

A: Yes, up to a point. In the event of a major act of God (earthquake, fire, flooding, etc.), we are unable to extend coverage in such an extreme and dramatic circumstance.

Q: Can I get an estimate over the phone?

A: No. It is virtually impossible to make an estimate over the phone.

Q: How accurate is an estimate?

A: Upon viewing an artwork, most of the damage is obvious and there is a consistent process involved for the repair. There can be unforeseen difficulties, however, restoration will never exceed the estimate without a full discussion of the problem and resolution.

Q: Will I need to leave a deposit?

A: There are some jobs that may require materials not readily available in the studio or require special handling, on occasion a deposit is requested.

Q: Should my art collection be catalogued?

A: All art collections should be catalogued for insurance purposes and appraised for the same reason. We cannot say enough about the importance of this.

Q: What is an hourly charge for conservator services?

A: All fees quoted are based on a “per job” estimate rather than an hourly rate. This enables us to devote full attention to your artwork . Some procedures command a certain amount of time, we prefer to work within a reasonable concept of that rather than have focus on actual time involved.

For larger artworks we recommend a professional art moving company for all relocation and shipping needs.