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Restoring Oil Paintings

The restoration of oil paintings is a fascinating mixture of science, artistry and even, at times, magic.

An oil painting is made with organic materials that need to be replenished with time, just as a person sometimes needs to be assisted with age.

The restorer should be able to understand not just the artistic techniques of the painter but also the practical techniques of bases and varnishes used, in addition to other needs that the painting may have developed over the years.

The object of the Restorer is to do no harm, to follow the original artist's work and intentions perfectly, and to refresh the work and keep those elements that make the painting as alive as possible.

In so doing, the Restorer must understand both the art and architecture of a painting.

At Restoration By Heart we have restored the works of major artists such as Rembrandt, Matisse, Picasso, and many others. And yet we treat every oil painting with the same respect, and we use the same criteria to insure the life and beauty of any painting we restore.