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Paper Discoloration & Acid

Paper discoloration can be caused by many factors. The most common problems come from water or humidity.

With the exposure of paper to water, the chance occurs for acid and mold to form. Smoke, sunlight and other environmental factors can also engender the elements that bring about discoloration.

When acid and mold form on an artwork, these conditions usually begin to migrate across the work. The damage does not always move in a straight line, but will in essence "hop" from one area to another and inhabit the work randomly until it has taken over the entire piece.

At Restoration By Heart, we are experts in treating this condition.

We are one of very few restoration sites in the world to guarantee that when we remove discoloration and acid, it will never return.

Unlike other restoration sites, we do not use caustic chemicals or extreme techniques to remove discoloration and acid.

Instead we treat gently all of the works we restore, preserving the original integrity of each piece as well as insuring its longevity.