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Acrylics Restoration

Oil painting and acrylic painting repair extends across a wide spectrum. The Restorer can fix rips and tears, rebuild areas of missing canvas, reattach the canvas or linen to stretching bars, and retouch flaking, cracking and large areas of missing paint.

The Restorer must, as well, deal with many other factors that can inhibit a painting. Both those works from hundreds of years ago and works completed in the last fifty years call for serious attention to the elemental structure of the oil or acrylic.

The Restorer must use new paints that blend with the original medium and in effect marry the work. Otherwise, if the new materials cannot marry the original medium, the painting will disintegrate in time.

We take great pride in our work on oil paintings, and our head Restorer, Gustavo Perez, is well known for his ability to match the hand of almost all major artists, a rare gift among artists and restorers.