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Comic Book Restoration

Comic book repair and restoration comprise a relatively new field that uses many of the old techniques of art restoration, blending different forms of fine art restoration such as paper and lithograph conservation.

As well, techniques from Watercolor and silk screen restoration have become important parts of the criteria used to restore a comic book. Airbrushing can return a faded comic book to looking very close to new.

In addition, the ability to remove paper discoloration and foxing will likely be necessary to elevate the work to a fine condition. In using all of these techniques, it is essential that the restorer's work remains invisible.

Comic books that have noticeable restoration are valued far less than pieces adjudged to be original artifacts. Few sites specializing in Comic Books can receive the attention and perfection of the work of a restorer whose discipline extends to techniques that treat fine art.

At Restoration By Heart we take great pride in our work on comic books; and at the same time, this endeavor reinforces our own memories of a beloved and important art form.