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Fine Art Restoration & Conservation

Fine art restoration is an important discipline that falls into two major categories.

In one area, the work is stabilized: The restorer takes the painting or artifact and commits to criteria that will not allow the artwork to degenerate any further.

For such a project, the conditions that have been depleting the piece are made neutral by the Restorer and the criteria that he employs.

The second category is that of full restoration, in which the Restorer employs techniques that will remove nearly all signs of the original depletion and make the artwork as close to new as possible.

Both approaches are available to clients when they choose to rejuvenate their treasures.

The most important requirement for these approaches is that the Restorer must follow a high ethical standard.

He must not commit to any criteria that do harm to the work, and as well he must perform the restoration in such a way that the modern materials used in the restoration blend seamlessly with the original.