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The Art Restorer

A Master Art Restorer is a highly trained individual. Adapting the techniques employed in restoring painting, sculpture, ceramics, paper, and photos, the restorer must develop criteria that improve the original condition of the work as well as integrate with the work perfectly.

The restorer must abide by a high ethical standard in which he follows the original piece exactly, while at the same time being sure to do no harm to the original artwork. The skills needed to work in restoration in these mediums may take longer to learn than those of a surgeon. Mixing modern paint with paints used hundreds of years ago calls for a scientific and aesthetic gift that is rare.

Magician, scientist, artist: the art restorer must balance these high attainments to enhance the life of a work of art. Gustavo Perez, the head restorer at Restoration By Heart began his profession restoring 16th century churches in Mexico. From this experience he developed a motto, "We can fix anything that isn't human."