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Art Restoration - Taos, NM

Taos, New Mexico, is well known as an artist colony whose start is several decades old and the Taos Society of Artists dates back to 1915.

Taos has many art museums and art galleries, many of whom showcase their beautiful regional artwork.

Taos also has wide open spaces and clear sky, which provide a vista to the stars at night that have certainly been the inspiration for many creative works in this easy-paced community.

Taos provides a welcoming atmosphere to travelers and guests, and these guests are rewarded with majestic mountains and the rugged beauty all around you.

With all the beauty and majesty that surrounds Taos, it is sad to think about some of the bad things that can happen to your fine art or art collection.

For those times when you need the services of a Master Restorer to fix your priceless treasures, we would appreciate it if you would consider us for your next art restoration project.

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