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Art Restoration: Santa Monica, CA

Art Restoration and Conservation

Arts and culture play such a key role in Sanata Monica, CA it is estimated that more than half of the people living in this beautiful city are employed in art-related positions.

With more than 75 art galleries and museums in Santa Monica, it is truly a nexus for the arts and culture. In addition to the indoor art, there is a wide array of public art and sculptures, including street performers and of course the natural beauty of the area.

Whether inside or out, be sure to visit the Bergamot Station, an art gallery complex and cultural center spread across eight acres in the heart of Santa Monica.

Now of course we would be remiss not to mention the fantastic beach and Santa Monica Pier. With 3.5 miles of beach to enjoy, the surfing, exercising, beach combing, bycycling, paddle boarding, amusment park, aquarium, and so much more offer a plethora of fun activities.

Santa Monica CA has so much to offer there is no way we can cover everything here. If you are lucky enough to live or visit this area, you are in for a real treat.

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