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In Laguna Niguel, California

Laguna Niguel, California, where over 9 out of 10 residents thinks that Laguna Niguel in on the right track. This extremely high number is remarkable given the huge number of excellent California cites one can live in.

When any city can rate a 98% on quality of life scores, that is something to be very proud of.

What makes Laguna Niguel such a wonderful place to live? In addition to high marks for city leadership, public services and public safety, the city scored well for recreational and community services.

There is also a plan to build the AGORA Arts District. The AGORA proposal envisions a dynamic, upscale and walkable downtown style development featuring a series of pedestrian plazas and open common green areas that include specialty retail stores, restaurants with outdoor patio dining areas, outdoor performance areas, event and meeting spaces, a cultural arts plaza and a residential village.

Will the AGORA project go through, come by later when we have an update.

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